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Time can help save a life!

Corridor Rescue is run by and with Volunteers.  Saving lives cannot happen without dedicated volunteers in many facets of the rescue.  Want to get involved? Have a particular skill set you think can help? There are so many areas you can volunteer and help us save lives...

Event Volunteer

Corridor does a number of events throughout the year. Want to help educate and bring awareness about Corridor and our mission, this might be what you are looking for.

*Adoption events

*Fundraiseing events

*Community outreach

... and  more

 This volunteer position is 18+ or 12+ with a parent.


Corridor is run entirely on donations, so fundraising is essential for us continuing to save lives. We put on 1-2 large fundraising events a year, and a number of small ones. We also apply for grants throughout the year

*Planning events 

*Help get donated items

*Find sponsorships


*Grant writing 

Street Team

Corridor's front line in saving animals is our Volunteer feeders.  They go out and feed, medicate and check up on the 100's of dogs on the streets.  They alert us when a dog needs to come into the rescue.  They network when we are full. They educate residents on S/N and care of animals. It is not for the fate of heart...

*All types of weather

*6-8 hour commitment

This volunteer position is 18+ 

Placement team

Corridor always wants to makes sure that our adoptable dogs find the best possible home for that particular dog. If you want to help make that happen, this may be your spot.

*Email and minor computer skills

*Conversation skills

*Attention to detail

*Know our rescue dogs

Supply/Animal Transport

Corridor receives donations of food and supplies and needs help picking it up and delivering it to our kennel.  We also have to transfer food from our kennel to the Street Team storage out in the Corridor. 

We reach out through email when we have a need.
Kennel Volunteer

Corridor has a small kennel in Tomball.  We are working on getting more volunteer opportunities together.  Currently we have..

*Dog walking (cooler months)

*Dog bathing

*Kong filling

This volunteer position is 18+ or 12+ with a parent.

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