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Our Mission

Our mission is to rehabilitate homeless, ill, and injured dogs found in Houston’s “Corridor of Cruelty” and find them permanent, loving homes.  We strive to educate Corridor-area residents about the importance of spaying & neutering their pets.  We provide free spay & neuter services to Corridor-area pet owners.

Our Story

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Corridor Rescue was born in 2009 when Deborah Hoffman, while driving through the area to work, realized there was a horrible problem with abandoned and stray animals. Her tenacity and love for the dogs would not allow her to stand by and watch...Corridor Rescue was conceived!

Corridor Rescue is named after a 14 square mile area of Northeast Houston dubbed “The Corridor of Cruelty.” The sheer number of dogs abandoned, dumped and allowed to roam the streets in this area is mind boggling. But sadly, the Corridor area is known for animal cruelty. The animals are unwanted, seen as a nuisance, and in some cases wrongly thought of as aggressive. People hit them, throw things at them, shoot them, fight them, and even deliberately run them over.

Corridor Rescue has grown phenomenally over the last decade. What started as a one-woman show now has multiple volunteer teams and a kennel facility where we are able to take our rescued street dogs directly off the street for rehabilitation. The facility can house up to 30 dogs and is staffed with two Veterinary Technicians and three Kennel Technicians. The dogs receive medical care and enrichment to begin healing and to put them on the road to their forever home.

Corridor Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is solely funded by the generosity of our wonderful donors and supporters. We are a volunteer-based organization, always looking for enthusiastic, outgoing, motivated, and animal loving volunteers to join our team. Corridor Rescue has a number of areas that you can help save lives.

Corridor Rescue also works with residents that live in the Corridor area. Our volunteers try to help educate the residents on veterinary care, nutrition, proper animal housing, and the importance of spay/neuter. When we have funds available in our designated Resident Spay/Neuter fund, we offer free spays and neuters to the residents that will agree to alter their pet.

Corridor Rescue also feeds feral cat colonies. One of our volunteers is a TNR extraordinaire and has trapped, neutered, and released hundreds of cats in the last 10 years. We do bring in the occasional friendly cat when we can find that cat a suitable rescue or home.

Help us continue to rescue and help!

Our Leadership

Criston Page Moore, President & Director

Beth Lovell, Vice President, Director & Chair

Jeffrey Hoke, Vice President & Director

Catherine Hoffman, Corporate Secretary

Cindy Skeels, Treasurer

Dawn Venditelli, Director

Jill kite, Director

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