Foster a Rescue Dog

Your home could be one of the first encounters of safety and acceptance for our former street dogs. It is a rewarding experience to be responsible for the transformation of a timid, sick or undernourished dog to a happy, and secure pet.

Fostering provides a stimulating, homestyle environment to our animals and gets them accustomed to being well-mannered house pets prior to adoption.

While the animal is in foster care all medical and food needs are covered by Corridor Rescue.


If you are interested in being a foster for a Corridor Rescue dog, please complete the form and a volunteer will contact you shortly.

Due to logistical concerns we are only able to place dogs in foster home within a 60 mile radius of Houston.

This form may not work with some browsers/firewalls and may not work on mobile devices.  To see which browsers are compatible, click here If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please e-mail  Thank you.

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