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A day in the life of team members who take to the streets daily to help, feed and rescue the homeless dogs of the Corridor of Cruelty.

What you are about to read is sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes heartwarming and is brought to you unedited except for names and places.  It is US, Corridor Rescue, at our most basic activity--finding, feeding and saving dogs.  You will see that not all of the dogs will be lucky enough to go into our program--sometimes volunteers have to make other arrangements.  But every single Corridor Rescue volunteer will sacrifice something to make an animal's life a little better.  This is what we do.

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Dear all, I'll just include the spots where I saw dogs and skip the ones where I already sent pictures with their descriptions. All the spots didn't have food :(


M at B: the protective dog was barking at me and I just saw one Chi laying down. Probably the other Chi was covered by the tall grass. 

B - talked to the neighbor next to the ex-con and he said that this man is friendly. He did confirm that Muppet and Mopsy are his (although not taken care of) and Truman was kicked out of the boxer's house next to where we feed. So sad :(. Regardless, we should consider a better future for them. Left some hay where we feed since I didn't feel ok leaving some at the ex-con's front yard or under his house.

Auto Center: left a bag of food. It is a pit girl and a puppy

C at H: left a BIG bag of food. Ruby is getting heavy. They also have another white scruffy (Peluchin, adorable) and a new black fury puppy (more adorable). They have a crib and that's where she sleeps :)

B STREET: didn't see Buck, the gate was closed and kept calling him but didn't come out, left food over the fence

Washateria: went inside the gate and called out Scout but he didn't come out, left food.

F near M: didn't see Nia

Automotive: talked to the security guard Cesar (not Cecil hehehe) and the owner is asking when we're going to take Genny away. I explained that VOLUNTEER is consistently looking for someone to take her. Cesar was ok to take care of her after her spaying this Monday (thanks to VOLUNTEER). I left a small bag of food (the only one I had left) and he said that he would chain her so she wouldn't move too much and get hurt. He mentioned that they dump a lot of dogs around that area and that Animal Control has been going there, I'm afraid they might have taken Nia? I haven't seen her in a while.

L at F: Only saw Eponine and ate delightfully her wet food. Left dry food for others to come.


Trapping: I told VOLUNTEER that next weekend I can try to trap Radley but I need other volunteers to keep the other dogs away from the hot dogs and the trap. He's friendly to humans but not to dogs. Also, I can try to trap Cloud and Fane but has to be next weekend also. I hope is not too late for them.


I think this is all my brain and body can process after my long 8 hour feeding trip.

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Hello Team!  I know every one is working so hard in the Corridor, and thank you for that, but I'm asking for a little something special on Genny's behalf.  I've been talking with C., the security guard where Genny was dumped (Automotive), and I think there is good chance he might be willing to keep her.  If not keep her permanently, at least look after her post-op.  But every time I broach the subject in my broken Spanish, he giggles at me.  Clearly I am saying something wrong.  At the moment, I would just like to make sure he could ensure her safety after surgery.  That would be huge in and of itself.  

Would one of the fabulously bilingual team members be willing to go around and talk with him?  He's a super nice guy and lives on  premises in the little pop-up trailer just to the left of the office.  I've been able to raise some money for Genny and I would like to get her vetted next Monday, if he can watch her after her release.  I was out of town this weekend and he fed her throughout the weekend, so I know he does care.  Any Spanish speakers out there?  I can even run by and get his number and you could just call him on the phone (provided he has a phone).

Thanks for any help!










Monday, November 30, 2015


It was good to get back to the Corridor, but after an absence of two weeks, I needed re-training.  Thought I had written myself notes on everything and every place that has been newly reported, but still pretty sure I missed a few.  (Never could figure out where the horse and dog on L. ST. are and missed F & E.  Otherwise, I think I covered it all.


Should mention at first, we seem to be short on everything except cat food.  There's only a small bag and part (a small part) of a large bag of dry food left.  Maybe two or three cans dog food.


I visited (I think, its been awhile) all the stops.  Here are the high points:


S Lane:  Daphne and a friendly brown Pittie boy were waiting.  (He turns out to be Rocky.  For some reason, I thought Rocky was spotted instead of brown)  No sign of Foxy or puppy today


RESTAURANT:  Fed Fed a spotted Pit and little scruffy guy; they seemed to be "running buddies"  No food aggression, everyone was polite.  Then Lilac popped out of the property across street and I was able to feed her.  Didn't see her pups, though.


M:  There were two white, long-bodied, floppy-eared pups under the tree.  Despite my description of them, they really were cute.  After I fed them, Ace arrived, resplendent in a new red harness.  Of course, he was also fed.


P:  Brinkly AND Iona were both at the white house to greet my arrival.  Now I really feel like I'm being welcomed back!


B:  All the dogs on this street were in their yards, and wouldn't or couldn't come out.  I left food and water for whoever escapes.


E at W St:  I wandered down E. st, trying to find Folger and came upon a black/white spotted dog sitting in the roadside ditch.  He wouldn't move, but shied back when I reached out.  Finally got him to eat after I stepped 'way back.  Probably is owned, which is good, because I'm not sure I could find my way back there again.


STORE:  There were three cats, who were glad to see me (I see you've brought cat food! Welcome!  Meow) and two small yappy dogs, who followed me around yapping constantly.  I left them some food, and I believe one of them actually stopped barking long enough to eat it.


H at L:  I was trying to catch up to a fast-moving brown dog running down H ST when he disappeared and in his stead, a good-sized brown pup appeared and scotted under the Community Center fence.  I was able to slip a dish of dog food under the fence to him.  He thanked me, but wouldn't come out.  


GAS STATION:  She was there, with a couple of friends, all owned by the people who seem to live there and on H ST.  I gave one lady a bag of dog food that I had bought as "back up".  Then the other two said they needed dog food also.  Told them I didn't have enough to give any more away, but next time I'll remember.  Don't go there without extra dog food. You've been warned.


STORE:  What a surprise!  Three cute little pups.  a brown/white spotted little guy who was fearless, came to me, let me pet him and gobbled up the canned dog food.  the other two, one marked almost like a Rottie, Black/Brown and another brown (I think) ran back into the bushes and wouldn't come out at all.  We really should get them out of there; it can't be a good place to raise puppies. Also I'm concerned that neither Cloud nor Fane was around.


L and (later) H:  The Three Horses of the Apocalypse came a-running and ate their weight in carrots, apples and horse cookies.  The three cats were also happy to see me (and more happy to see the cat food).  Next stop, at H ST, Grey came out of nowhere, talking all the way.  He also seemed happy to see me (and the carrots, apples, and horse cookies).  I noticed while Gray seems to be well-fed, the Leedale horses still have no hay, but don't look too bad for it.  Maybe it's their winter coats makes them look not so skinny.  I wonder if they are fed anything like oats, etc inside the barn, and we just don't see it.


I spent some time with Maya also.  She seems to be fed regularly and always has water.  I did feed her a can of dog food, anyway, and sat there and talked to her a while.  Poor thing does need company.


B:  The two dogs, Molly and Whosis (I can't remember the second one's name) were there,  The Beware of Dogs across the street, locked inside the fence all barked at us.  I wanted to at least slip them some food or dog treats, but thought better of it, since they are "on Duty" guarding the place.  I'm assuming their owner feeds them well and wouldn't want me messing with them if they are truly guard dogs.  I'm probably assuming too much, too!


Well, that was all of it, other than to observe that I'm really out of shape after my lay-off.  This was eight hours straight just to get through the Corridor, I also skipped lunch, forgot to drink water and was really tired out when the day ended   But it was good to be back!!