Corridor Canine Cross Country

The Corridor Cross Country Canines Program, or 4C Program is our effort to expedite the process of finding acceptable and loving homes for the many dogs and cats we bring into our care.


Many cities in other parts of the country do not have the overwhelming stray dog and cat  population problem that we have here in Houston. There is an active community of animal rescue organizations that transport homeless animals to other cities in the country to help ease the over population of stay dogs and cats.


In July 2012, CRI entered into a partnership with Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, Missouri. Nine dogs have been transported to Five Acres and have been adopted.


Finding the transportation to St. Charles has been a challenge, however. Whenever transporting is available, three dogs will go to St. Charles with the hopes of finding their forever homes.


Corridor Rescue is very interested in partnering with other rescue organizations throughout the country to help us adopt out more dogs and cats and make room for more needy animals.


If your rescue organization is interested in partnering with Corridor Rescue, please email with the subject: 4C Program.

Education Team

Corridor Rescue Inc Education Team Teach and Reach Our Children is a part of the Corridor Rescue Community Outreach Program C.A.R.E.S. (Community Animal Relief Effort and Services). The Education Team welcomes any opportunity to present free humane education into schools and organizations. The team is comprised of a dedicated group of educational volunteers who have developed and tailored age appropriate humane education curriculum. The areas discussed include:


  • The importance of animal rescue

  • Proper animal care including spay/neuter

  • Anti-dog fighting curriculum

  • Animal cruelty issues and prevention

  • Safe interaction with animals

  • Develop humane education projects that teachers can use in classrooms


Please send inquiries to Education Team leader Liza Di Filippo at


For many of us, our pets are family and bring us such joy and companionship. Pet ownership requires both time and financial investments and we know that sometimes it is difficult to find the money to properly take care of a pet. We believe that being a low income citizen should not prevent a person from having a pet to love.


Community Animal Relief Effort and Services (C.A.R.E.S.) is our mission to engage with  low income residents in the Corridor and to educate them on proper pet care. Further, we assist them (at no cost to the residents) with pet medical needs and supplies which includes collars, ID tags, food, and proper pet shelter.


Through this assistance, we are able to help control the animal population in this area. Free spaying and neutering services are offered to pet owners who do not have the financial means to take care of this very important animal control measure.


To qualify, low income residents must provide supporting documents that prove their eligibility.

Project HEEL

Corridor Rescue and Harris County Juvenile Probation Department have partnered to implement Project H.E.E.L. (Helping Empower Everyone’s Lives), an animal-assisted violence intervention program.  The purpose of the program is to be a motivating force for life transformations and inspiration for our youth and their families.


This program takes a troubled young man and an abandoned dog and meshes their worlds together; creating the perfect bond.  The young men in Project H.E.E.L are learning lifelong lessons such as Responsibility, Patience, Respect, Teamwork, Hope and Love.


Project H.E.E.L., an eight week series program, placing an intense emphasis on promoting self-discipline and responsibility; encourage compassion, empathy, companionship, trust, and forgiveness; proper pet care and obedience skills. Boys who are selected for this project must meet a list of criteria such as no history of animal cruelty, must be in compliance of probation standards, and must be a level 2 or 3 in Personal Accountability Plan/Behavior Modification Program.


Project H.E.E.L. influences the human-animal connection to help impart positive character development.


Project H.E.E.L. is a massive collaboration between the Harris County Leadership Academy staff, Corridor Rescue volunteers, services provided by Kingsland Veterinarian Clinic staff, and Tricia Fagan, a professional trainer for Dogs Gone Good.


Upon completion of the program, the Corridor Rescue dogs are available for adoption and placed in their caring “fur-ever” homes.

To inquire about the H.E.E.L. program contact us at

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