Corridor Rescue is a 501(3)(3) non-profit street dog rescue in Houston, Texas working in an area dubbed the Corridor of Cruelty.


Out street team cares for homeless, roaming dogs and cats on the streets, bringing as many as we can in to safety.  This is an area where trash and animals are discarded, without thought, on a regular basis.  Owned pets not altered or confined to their home properties add greatly to the problem.  Due to limited city and county resources, local animal control agencies don’t adequately manage the homeless street pet population.


Volunteers are on the streets daily, monitoring known animal dumping sites on a route with over 30 feeding stations for dogs and cats.  The document and report on the animals and their condition.  In addition to food, they carry a medical kit with antibiotics, wormer, flea control and supplies to clean ears and wounds.


We don't have the resources to save them all.  It breaks our hearts to have to leave so many waiting for their turn.  We rely on partner rescue groups both locally and nationally to help us save more animals from the mean streets.  Because of the homeless animal crisis in Houston, we seek to find adopters for the animals we can save out of state and even in Canada. 


We aren’t just a rescue, we are also an outreach and advocacy group.  When funds and supplies allow, we assist pet owners with pet food, vaccinations, spay/neuter services and dog houses.  We seek to educate the local community about proper pet care and aid in any way we can to improve living conditions for owned pets and reduce the number of animals needing to be rescued.  Free-roaming and cruelly tethered dogs are a large problem in these neighborhoods and we seek to remedy those situations when possible.   

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