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Giving Tuesday 2021

When Rescue is just the beginning...

Many dogs are obviously hurt. Others have injuries and illnesses that only become apparent after rescue. It can take time for these dogs to overcome their traumatic experiences, and it’s not possible when we rescue them to know all that they will need. Sometimes, rescue is just the beginning.


With your help, though, they can start the journey to health and happiness.

Your donations made the journey possible for Hendrix. She was found covered in fleas, riddled with sores, heartworms, and other parasites, with bilateral hematomas on her ears, an old eye injury, and slab fractures on all four canines. She is now 5-6 years old and calm, although selective about which dogs she likes. Hendrix needs a home.

It’s heartbreaking to see dogs like Hendrix who are waiting patiently for their turn. Someone will fall in love with them; we know it.


But for Hendrix and countless like her, rescue is just the beginning.


Make your donation count this Giving Tuesday. Give the forgotten ones a chance to find their forever homes.

Hendrix Giving Tuesday 2021-3.jpg
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